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Commercial Door Repair & Installation

Automatic Doors

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Whether it’s routine maintenance or a new automatic door operator installation, we can take care of your building’s entryways.  We carry some of the most trusted brands in the automatic door industry.

Lock and Security

We specialize in custom tailored security packages. We offer simple affordable solutions as well as complex systems that track & report daily operations. We also service and maintain these systems. 

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Fire Door Inspections

Let us know if you need some help getting your inspection records in order. We can get you inspected and develop a fully digitized inventory and status record of your fire doors.  Each door will be serialized, and its data captured for future inspections and history inquiries.

Door Replacement

Tired of that squeaky old door?

Give us a call and let us know if we can help you get the right door at the right price.

Commercial Door Hardware

From fire rated exit devices to automatic flush bolts & closers, we’ve got you covered when it comes to quality replacement parts.

Garage Doors

From preventative maintenance to new install, we’ve got you covered. We service and install all types of garage doors, commercial and residential.  We offer trust brand such as;

Automatic Gates

We repair and install automatic gate operators!

We have quality name brands you can count on. Need a keypad for your gate? No problem!

Industry leading security products

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Door Audit Solutions

Create firm visiting hours, secure passageways, and protect property. Use advanced reporting tools to track and trace, measure time in building, and implement zone control to manage and monitor the movement of visitors and staff at the facility.

Perimeter Solutions

In today's security environment it makes sense to integrate access control systems with a CCTV setup. Pairing access control and CCTV systems helps generate smarter video data for the security system. Ask us how we can custom tailor a system to your specific needs.

Fire & Life Safety

Nearly 15 years ago, changes to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, mandated annual inspections for fire doors. The changes were the result of the realization that of the condition of most existing fire doors would not provide proper protection during a fire in institutional and commercial facilities. Ask us about inspection & maintenance of your fire rated openings. Keep your building safe and operational.

Keep Loved Ones Safe

We specialize in the area of fire & life safety. We're here to help when it comes to maintaining critical life safety systems. Repair, or new construction we've got you covered. We understand it can be a sensitive environment and understanding Life Safety Code is critical when maintaining these systems. You can trust Pacific Integrated Access with your facilities elopement system integration needs. We offer 24/7 statewide services in California for memory care door systems repair.